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Quality: we have strict quality control procedures, from raw material to finished product, we won the prestigious frequency control of motor speed industry.Mercury, from production to quality control, from sales to the transportation, every employee received education, their job description of each field, with the highest quality standards for execution.
Man: team from our raw material suppliers, for our customers to create a comfortable working environment, and the mercury for you.More than 20 years of our staff and suppliers said for a long period of time, all of this.
Service: our strong engineering team with customer from prototype (mercury) Taiwan and the United States to batch production (mercury Taiwan and China)."This is very easy to do business" - from our customers, comments from our representatives and distributors.From mercury always expect to establish a close working relationship, knowledgeable technical support and friendly service.
Technology: mercury in improving existing design and develop new products, to meet the requirements of customers of frequency control.Miniaturization, tight tolerance, high stability and automation components, and through savings for our customers is our goal.
Confidence: mercury is the production of high quality products, and providing unparalleled customer service are proud.Each mercury product tag, and with pride.

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