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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Murata contributes to the advancement of society by innovating, designing and supplying components and solutions for a variety of markets and applications, and the markets for Murata’s electronic components continue to grow. 

Smartphones currently account for 75% of the mobile phones sold worldwide, and it is predicted that the need for multiband LTE-compatible units will spread even further.
Advancements in electrification is forecast for the field of automotive electronics along with improved safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and the growth of built-in vehicle communication functions like infotainment. The overall demand for electronic components is also trending toward smaller sizes, thinner higher performance, and higher reliability... At Murata, in addition to component products, sales of the monolithic ceramic capacitors and piezoelectric components that are our core products, as well as of communication modules in which numerous parts are embedded using multi-component, multi-layer technology are growing more and more.
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联络电话 075-955-6786
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 400-1366-707
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 0755-36870858
主营产品 晶振 有源晶振 滤波器 温补晶振
所在地 深圳市
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主营产品 晶振