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Pericom Saronix-Ecera

We are a specially designed for computing, communications and consumer products market to provide integrated connection, advanced time-frequency and signal integrity of the solution, the rapid growth of the semiconductor company.Our technology for high bandwidth, high speed serial connection protocol challenges caused by provides system design solutions.Pericom company was founded in 1990 by xu and Xu Zhiheng (Alex Hui and John Hui) jointly founded in SAN jose, California city, thus become a booming company with more than 900 employees worldwide, and (our headquarters) in North America and Asia, set up a design center;Our technical and sales support offices all over the world.Pericom listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ), stock code: PSEM.

What is the feature of us is different from the competition?
We focus on providing can achieve better, faster and more reliable signal connection solutions, this focus has contributed to our diverse silicon, quartz crystals and crystal oscillator product portfolio is fully integrated with compatible, to play the biggest potential of high speed signal.

We contracted single chip solutions:
Instead of more expensive chip design
Eliminate costly connection cable
Allow maximum flexibility
Improve the system reliability
Shorten the grinding time and cost

Products content: / quartz wafer, SMD quartz crystal oscillator.
Product use:
Information industry: Notebook, PDA, Palm - top PC, LCDmonitor, PCMCIA card, Digital camera
Internet industry, CABLE/ADSL Moden, LAN, Hub, Router, Wirelesscard, Bluetooth card
Communications industry: Mobil Phone, DECT
Information appliance industry: the SET - TOP BOX

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Pericom Saronix-Ecera
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